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The author says that in spite of our relatively "civilized" state of evolution and our attempts to convince ourselves we have risen above the age of savagery, we remain in the bloodbath, tirelessly murdering our fellow man. "Is it not time to awaken and wash away this incendiary religious war-paint that spurs us to these ceaseless, ever-mounting cycles of destruction?" he asks. "Is it not time we shed our partisan liturgical incantations and begin the quiet inward journey to find harmony and oneness with the the 'Deathless Reality' that dwells within all sentient beings?"

Warpaint of the Gods is no ordinary publication—it's been rated as "brilliant" and in the genre of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet—and is bound to cause considerable discomfort to those who believe religions have been innocent bystanders to the carnage that has threatened the very existence of mankind. Given the wars ravaging our planet "in the name of God", the message of this book could not come at a more appropriate or pressing time.

The book has received some excellent reviews, and its message of peace has been likened to those of some of the great peacemakers of our time, including Mahatma Gandhi, Thich Nhat Hanh and Martin Luther King.

Whatever your religious affiliation, this is one book that could profoundly change the way you look at Life.

Warpaint of the Gods
ISBN: 0-9762606-0-3
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