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"An extraordinarily well-written book that challenges the reader to reflect on important topics such as the divisive role of religion in war and the nature of God. Its format, which combines quotes from some of the world's greatest thinkers with the author's own insights, is original and highly educational. It makes compelling arguments about the need for people to set aside their religious differences and think of themselves as spiritual siblings in the universe."
- The Hon. Anibal Acevedo Vila, Governor of Puerto Rico

"I believe the words of this unique book, like the words of timeless peacemakers, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Thich Nhat Hanh and Kahlil Gibran, will prevail to the benefit of all who read it, and should occupy a place on the shelf of every caring human being."
- Tim O'Hagan, Cape Town, South Africa; former editor of the Reader's Digest; author/editor of 11 books, including Discovering the Wonders of Our World (Reader's Digest); the Reader's Digest Guide to Alternative Medicine; and Spectacular World of Southern African Wildlife (Reader's Digest).

"Although raised a Methodist Minister's son, I long ago dropped my church affiliation for various reasons and had really been drifting along with my own philosophy on life until I read your book. If I could sit on the porch with God, the first thing I would do is thank him for you. I herewith place an order for one thousand copies. I intend to send one to every leader of every nation on this planet, to their deputies, and to their ambassadors to the United Nations. I am also considering making copies available in libraries in the area, and I may even dare to send some to the local churches."
- Stanley Hershey, Niland, California

"How do I find the words that do Justice to your book and CD? As I was reading and later listening to your words, these came to mind: Wisdom, beauty, affable, brilliant and esoteric. I love all of it. You have really created something of beauty in every aspect of it. You really do reach the Soul of a person with this book. Thank you from my heart and soul."
- Bonnie Lange, Editor, Truth Seeker Magazine, the oldest Freethought publication in the world, since 1873; Escondido, California

"One of the most thought provoking books I have ever read. I urge all readers, from all paths, to read it carefully and to slowly digest the writer's message. I offer this with a warning: do not kindly dismiss these words with the thought, 'I already know that.' Even if you do, you probably need reminding: Two thousand years of religious potty-training doesn't necessarily disappear overnight."
- Christine Hall, Editor, Alternative Approaches Magazine, Pinnacle, North Carolina

"You described exactly the issues I've been dealing with this last year. Recently, I abandoned the Christian beliefs I've held for more than twenty-five years. Your book has assisted me greatly in solidifying my trust in my God-given ability to think and to express my love freely. To banish my adherence to doctrinal creeds and instead to join my heart with my Source is to break the shackles that imprisoned me. Speaking of imprisoned, I received a copy of your book from an inmate serving time at the Federal Correctional Institution Terminal Island. I work at this prison and am grateful that he shared your book with me. I would enjoy corresponding and meeting with you if this is possible. Thank you for allowing me to express my deep appreciation to you."
- Jerry King, Correctional Officer, Long Beach, California

"Once I started I couldn't put it down. You have awakened my feelings for which I didn't have the full ability to express. I have long felt that with the infinite vastness of the cosmos how can we be alone, and if we are not, how can God be concerned only with the inhabitants of this small globe, or even just a fraction of us, 'the chosen ones.' This is a book that needs to be read and reread."
- Chell Bosson, Retired aerospace engineer, La Mirada, California

"You have opened my mind and re-instilled a sense of wonder and amazement at the awesome scope of the Universe. Your logic makes sense to me. I have tried to be religious and attend church with my wife and kids like a good Christian (Catholic) and there are times I have left inspired and full of praise, but there has always been that lingering thought: 'What about the Hindus, Muslims and countless other believers. How are they going to be saved? Is heaven multi denominational? What if we are not alone? Are the 'space men' religious?' 'Ours is not to reason why, but to do or die'! Why? Who says that? Why do I have any thought processes at all? Why educate your young if you don't want them to think?...You have just upset the 'apple cart' and opened the mind of one old man."
- Robert Dowden, Television news executive, Shreveport, Louisiana

"A cogent, deeply thought-provoking, and incredibly powerful message of the underlying unity of all world religions. As shockingly ahead of our time as Copernicus' daring pronouncements probably were ahead of his. The world needs this book-especially now."
- Frank Scrima, Retired Vice President of a Fortune 100 Company, Valencia, California

"This book is another Kahlil Gibran-caliber 'The Prophet'."
- Astrid Ware, Author, Big Bear, California

"...The best thing I've read in years. It reminded me of Gibran's The Prophet, which I also enjoyed immensely. It speaks from the soul. Its message is understanding our humanity and relationship to the universe. The message in this book allows us to view our society and world in a more constructive and healing light. Since reading this book I have become more inclined to help the less fortunate and poor. It has made me painfully aware of my insensitivities toward other creatures who share this planet. I cannot thank you enough..."
- Bob Sbordone, PhD, Neuropsychologist, Laguna Beach, California

"A magnificent piece of work. I appreciate this gift you have passed on to Humanity. You are Visionary, and deserve massive recognition for your wisdom and ability to communicate this wisdom without offensive or browbeating verbiage in order for your message to be heard by those normally unwilling to hear such content. I read the entirety of the book during a plane flight the other day across the country, and found myself grinning ear to ear much of the time in a state of euphoria over the undeniable Truth revealed in your words. I was looking around at the other passengers during this flight thinking, 'Good Lord, if you all could know what I am reading right now!'. While I love all the quotes throughout the pages, the one that gave me goose bumps was not from any of the other great sources you drew from outside of yourself—it is four of your own words: 'Religions divide. Spirituality unites'. I rank your book up there with The Prophet and The Alchemist, and will spread the word about your work to Humanity on this path towards World Peace. Your book is important to our progress as human beings."
- Byron Nhala Barrera, New York City, New York

"I've had so many thoughts and theories throughout the years that were abandoned and semi-forgotten because I could never connect them properly, and here you provided a clear, fact- and reason-filled way to explain it all in less than 200 pages. Each chapter left me with a sense of clarity and comfort, it was just wonderful! Imagine what this world would look like if each religion would provide a base of love and reason, based on truth and sanity like you do in Warpaint Of The Gods..."
- Arthur den Heijer, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Well-written and illuminating. My favorite chapters were the ones that dealt with sentient and intelligent life outside of our solar system and well beyond. I, too, believe that an event and/or discovery on the magnitude of the confirmation of intelligent life outside our small and cosmically insignificant planet is the only sure-fire way to usurp the secular and faulty non-secular powers that be on our planet. When I do speak to the Creator, I often ask that I may live long enough on this physical plane to witness firsthand the beginnings of Mankind's evolution towards a unified World society where the only borders will be within the limits of our imaginings and the courage of our souls. Please continue with your important work."
- Michael Peinado, Tustin, California

"I was overwhelmed. There have been many who have abstractly mulled over these very same thoughts about the dogmas of organized religions, but the brilliance of this book is its success in driving home the message with such compelling effectiveness. It is the antidote for so many of today's problems."
- Parthiv N. Parekh, Editor, Khabar Magazine, Norcross, Georgia

"Finally, someone has put the thoughts of many, feelings of most, on paper. With no politically correct expressions, just good old-fashioned thoughtfulness and vision. Your insight into what has become the dilemma of mankind is not short of genius, yet it is written with such compassion. To hear the truth unabashedly told, and to relate it so well to all the religions of our world, is truly refreshing. This book explains to a tee the desire of God to be the answer, not the question. It allows people like me to feel embraced, accepted by ourselves. Its message is one that present-day people need so very badly."
- Ernie Poole, Edmonton, Canada

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