Religions Divide. Spirituality Unites.

What is God's Religion?

Nila Sagadevan's new book Warpaint of the Gods asks provocatively, "Does God have a religion? If He does, what is it?"

An incredibly powerful message of the underlying unity of all world religions, this book aims to introduce a voice of reason to the paradox of religious bloodshed that pervades the world today.

It undertakes a ruthless examination of religion's role in the brutal internecine conflict that has ruled the Earth, and concludes that human beings are so preoccupied with their own religious and ethnic 'identities' that they are blind to the horrors they are inflicting on one another.

Equally important, this blinkered view of humanity has prevented us seeing the real picture—that life exists not only on this microscopic speck of cosmic dust we call Earth, but, as we shall surely discover in the not too distant future, copiously across a boundless Universe.

This vast celestial ocean, likely teeming with myriad unimaginably diverse life forms, would render our genocidal affinities and tribal quarrels all the more ridiculous, because we are perpetrating them in the name of the Source of all that exists—the One in All.

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